AI applied. Impact Reimagined.

Our digital platform solutions give you the start-up advantage to move rapidly from ideas, to concept, to revenue.

We can help you grow your revenue and introduce new innovative offerings through the adoption of our digital platform solutions, allowing you to collaborate, co-invent and expand your reach together with an ecosystem of partners.

Savvia dynamically configures to simplify life not in far future, but also today. It applies cutting-edge technology, one that applies open API’s, connected data, machine learning, fraud detection, predictive analytics and matching recommendation - at scale.

Simple. Powerful. Smart.

Approach // Enabling new dynamics to deliver relevance.



Savvia helps you engage with the right audience instantly – so you are talking to the people who matter before they even transact with you.


Savvia engages customers directly with every banking transaction, swipe and tap, thanks to targeted personalized messaging and promotions. It makes the path to bank, purchase easy and inviting – ensuring plenty of return journeys.


Savvia gives you powerful tools to engage with your audience after transaction and reward them for their custom in real-time. So they get compelling content and attractive offers. And you get long-term loyalty and repeat business.

Capabilities // Industry-defining standard.

Comprehensive and interconnected set of white-label software solutions that leverage the value of customer data.

Benefits // Insight to revenue as an end-to-end solution.

Savvia shows you exactly what your customers are transacting or buying – so you can make smarter decisions about what to do next. Build your audience. Reward loyalty. Boost profits. Savvia is a smart, fast, and easy data and execution platform. And it helps you take action with every transaction.


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