The Savvia Advantage

We make relevance the new normal.

Our mission is to use data to understand and serve human motivation, and to achieve aligned customer and company goals.

Customers today demand products, services and experiences that are relevant and meet their needs and wants in the moment. They want seamless engagement across multiple trustworthy platforms and channels. In fact, 58 percent of consumers would switch half or more of their spending to a provider that excels at personalizing experiences without compromising trustSeventy-three percent of Chief Executive Officers know products, services and experiences should be more meaningful to their customers. But only 22 percent of consumers say that companies actually tailor their experiences based on a deep understanding of customer needs, preferences and past interactions. [source: Accenture]

We understand that it is not easy to become a data-driven bank.

We believe there should be an alternative to the banking of the past.

We are focused on solving problems, rather than selling financial products. We want to make the world a better place and change people's lives.

We are building revenue together

We are doing things differently. For too long, banking has been obtuse, complex and opaque.

We want to change that and build an overlay bank service with everyone, for everyone.

We believe partners make the difference

At Savvia we are more than employees or ecosystem stakeholders - we are owners. That is we are all called partners. And that is why we go beyond to share our knowledge and passion for simple, relevant and smart transaction.


Our Values // We are here to do the best of our lives

We respect with cantor

We foster a culture of active feedback where all opinions and perspectives are welcome. We celebrate constructive discussion. We value transparency and make decisions openly as a team.

We are always learning

We drive efficient and pragmatic solutions so there is time to learn and iterate, while mindfully balancing long and short term objectives. We continuously challenge our assumptions with data.

We focus on results

Through our common goal of doing extraordinary work, we do what it takes to deliver impactful results and are relentlessly devoted to our customers' success.


Help us build the kind of service you want to use

Contact us today to speak or meet with one of our experts to find out more about how we can support you through demo, proof of concept or help you develop the right business case and enable you to get up and running in weeks.