Use Case

Uncovering New Revenue Possibilities

We work together with our partner banks and partners from a variety of industries to quickly identify their needs and create an ecosystem solution that helps them exceed their business goals. We help you grow revenue and introduce new innovative offerings through the adoption of our smart-transactions-platform, allowing you to collaborate, co-invent and expand your reach together with an ecosystem of partners.

66% of bank executives believe that open banking will help create new revenue streams for their organization.
— accenture

new ways to bank. more ways to do.

Tlo Use Case: receipts, rewards and loyalty that live on banking transactions inside the banking app.


relevance rewarded. roi re-imagined.

Tlo Use Case: Our innovative platform delivers content, cash back or bonus point offers tied directly to a credit or debit card issued by a financial institution

Activate. Bond. Create devotion. Join the payments ecosystem, and turn bank customers into your database.


know more. engage more. sell more.

Tlo Use Case: customers just pay with their bank cards and they will automatically receive digital receipts and loyalty in their banking app. No extra steps at checkout or downloading new apps required.


The balancing act // a wide range customised use cases that shape your financial services offering. your use case. your way.


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